Aussie World repairs after a catastrophic hailstorm

Aussie World repairs finalised after a catastrophic hailstorm on the Sunshine Coast.

The Advanced Buildings Team repairs and restores this iconic Australian landmark.

On the afternoon of the 17th November 2019, a severe hailstorm tore through the usually tranquil community of the Sunshine Coast, south east Queensland, leaving behind a scene that The Insurance Council of Australia declared a “catastrophe.”

With hailstones the size of cricket balls and over 5,000 insurance claims lodged, it was estimated that the cost of damages caused by the storm would reach up to $40 million.

At the height of the storm, the iconic Queensland landmark, Aussie World, was struck by the large hailstones which caused extensive damage to retail shops, The Banana Bender Hotel, pubs and restaurants attached to the theme park, as well as many of the rides and entertainment spaces.

Theme park owner Timevale Pty. Ltd. first contacted their insurer, Allianz, regarding the repairs. Allianz appointed leading loss adjusters Crawford & Company, who then engaged the Advanced Buildings team to work cohesively in repairing the damaged metal rooves to their pre-storm condition.

The Repair Task

The estimated cost of repairs was $1.6 million. The project required the Advanced Buildings Team to:

  • Remove and replace the lighting mounted on roof areas to allow for roof replacement.

  • Remove and replace air conditioning and fridge units. Some were replaced while others were removed, repaired and re-installed.

  • Remove and replace all metal roofing to all buildings, as well as some of the amusement rides.

  • Paint new roof areas to match the existing rooves.

  • Remove and reinstate signage and, where possible, repair signage to allow for the roof replacement.
The Challenges
  • To minimise revenue losses, Aussie World, the Banana Bender Pub and the retail outlet complex needed to be operational throughout the repair process. The Advanced Buildings Team and contractors carried out works during and around business hours, always mindful of the safety of the visiting public.

  • Works were also carried out around an operating service station.

  • To ensure that WHS protocols for working at heights were adhered to, The Team utilised ropes, harnesses and scaffold structures on larger buildings and those with steep pitched rooves, like the Banana Bender Pub.

  • As the amusement park was open to the public 4 days of the week, works were arranged to take place during the three days the theme park was not operational. To further ensure the safety and security of all patrons of the park, no material or equipment were left in areas that were highly accessible by the public.

  • As work progressed through winter, the Team found that the heavy dew which often settled overnight caused issues with painting the rooves. This left the painters with limited hours of preferred weather to complete the roof repairs.
Working safely during COVID-19

With works taking place while the complex was operational, the Team needed to ensure the safety and health of both the public and the repairs team.

All work practices were modified to adhere to the company’s prescribed COVID-19 regulations and processes.

Thanks to the Team for a job well done

Advanced Buildings would like to thank all those involved in the reinstatement of Aussie World and helping to get the job completed one month earlier than scheduled.

Major Loss Project Manager, Scott Beitzel, who led the project on behalf of Advanced Buildings noted that “We’re proud of the team who worked on this project. I would like to acknowledge their dedication and quality of work.”

In a message to Scott, Trevor Thompson, Aussie World’s Technical Services Manager said: “Thanks again. The jobs were completed very professionally with you leading the way.”

And from Herna ten Cate, Quantity Surveyor, CRD Building Consultants and Engineers: “Well done for a job well done! Thank you for our communication throughout the project and for emailing the required information through every day. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team.”

Gavin Ebrington, Building Consultant QLD State Manager also commented: “Great work! It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on this job”

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