Building Restorations

We simplify and fast-track the building and restorations process to get you back on
track as soon as possible

Restoration services
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With our understanding of the many aspects of large and major loss claims, and the cost to the individuals and businesses involved, we can tailor our services to ensure the highest quality outcomes are achieved in any situation.

Our Restorations technicians and supervisors are trained, IICRC certified and experienced in utilising our industry-leading technology and equipment to provide a satisfactory, time-efficient return to a pre-loss state.

We strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible by managing client expectations, providing transparent documentation, honest communication, and integrity in everything we do.

Once the hard work is done, life can get back to normal.

Commercial & Residential

We understand that for business owners, a damaged property can mean a loss of business and a dent in their cash flow.

Our 24/7 comprehensive service means we minimise your loss by co-ordinating and managing all aspects of the premises’ restoration and cleaning. Using the latest equipment and technology, our team will salvage as much of your property and contents as possible.

There’s nothing more devastating than having your home damaged. Our Restorations team work hard to return your home just the way you like it.

A rapid response can prevent further damage and salvage a buildings’ structure and contents.

& Remediation


strata repairs / restorations

inspections & reports

Structural Restoration and cleaning

Contents Restoration and Cleaning

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