Induction Process

Induction Process

Please be aware that this induction process is avaialble ONLY for Companies and Sub-contractors ALREADY accredited by Advanced buildings. If you are looking to work with us, and have not previously done so, the form you need is HERE.

The following presentation is required viewing for all trades and contractors. It involves an initial slide presentation followed by 3 safety videos:

  • Safe Use Of Ladders
  • Working Safely With Power Tools
  • Working Safely With Crystalline Silica

You can stop/start the video at any stage by clicking on it. Following the presentation (just over 22 mins) you will be redirected to a form where you can upload the necessary documents. Please note that you will need to have photographs of these documents already (photographs of your licences and White Card etc. - your White Card is COMPULSORY); if you do not, you will have to go through this induction video again. Please ensure the photos are in focus and that any text is legible on them.

How Will I Upload?

The best way to get these documents to us via the upload process is to photograph them using your mobile phone and then either email them to yourself (so you can save them to your laptop or computer hard drive), or access them via your photo storage facility (iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox etc.). You can upload up to 5 photos in JPG or PNG format... most phones save photos in one of these two formats.

REMEMBER, you will not be able to undertake work that you do not have a licence for.

Please note that due to needing to be able to read some of the slides, you will not be able to view this presentation, or complete the document upload process on a mobile device.

The Induction Process Presentation and Document Upload Facility is not available on mobile devices or screens with a width resolution less than 1200 pixels.

Please view this page on a laptop or desktop computer with the window maximised.