Meth lab contamination: big challenge for insurers and property owners?

Meth lab contamination: big challenge for insurers and property owners?

In a suburban, two-bedroom brick veneer house in Warrandyte (Victoria), a family traces their headaches and other health issues to contamination left by previous tenants and their methamphetamine laboratory. (August 2018)

A police raid of a suburban house in Warwick (Qld) discovers various weapons and ample evidence of a methamphetamine laboratory. (September 2018)

The clandestine production of the drug methamphetamine (‘ice’) is increasing and has become a serious problem for the Australian community.

The findings of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s (ACIC) Illicit Drug Data Report 2015-16 included:

  • There were 575 detections of clandestine meth laboratories in 2015–16
  • Around 68% of these detections were in residential locations
  • While the majority of detected laboratories are run by addicts, the proportion of industrial scale laboratories increased in 2015–16
  • The ACIC estimates that only 1 in 10 meth labs are detected

For insurers, property owners and property managers, testing and cleaning has also become a huge and expensive burden.

Recently, The Real Estate Institute of Australia have spoken to the Attorney-General's office about helping real estate agents spot and report evidence of meth labs.

Many insurance policies don’t cover the clean-up cost of methamphetamine contamination. For a premium, some landlord policies have an option to include Damage and Theft by Tenants.

To make houses safe, a thorough clean-up is essential

Once contamination is discovered, it’s crucial that the clean-up process is done properly.

Homes need to be made safe and habitable for residents. Properties need to be restored to maintain their value for landlords and home owners.

Download your copy of our full report on meth labs

For a full report on the methamphetamine problem, download our free eBook: Meth labs: the hidden impact of methamphetamine laboratories and why insurers need to be sure that site remediation is done right.

The booklet includes:

  • a brief history of methamphetamine use
  • how contamination affects the properties and people who live in them
  • an outline of the decontamination process
  • safe and effective clean-up methods

Advanced Buildings provides comprehensive and cost-effective remediation services for properties affected by methamphetamine contamination.

For more information on our 24/7 services, or advice on how to deal with property clean-up and restoration, contact us on 1300 87 86 87.

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