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The Advanced Buildings team are an experienced and knowledgeable group of professionals. Our hands-on, practical expertise in building and restoring homes and commercial buildings has helped build the company’s reputation as a trusted problem-solver.

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Senior Management
Hunter Valley / Central Coast - NSW
  • Stephen Barlow
  • Joseph Rinaldi
    Managing Director
  • Hylton Conradie
    General Manager, Queensland
  • Peter Thomas
  • Matt Donnelly
    General Manager, Victoria
  • Leanne Photi
    Finance Manager, NSW & Victoria
  • Peter Kibby
    Senior Estimator, NSW
  • David Ware
    Major Loss Estimator, NSW
  • James Reid
    Regional Manager, Hunter Valley/Central Coast NSW
  • Matt Gilmore
    Major Loss Projects Manager, NSW
  • Nicole Gallagher
    Safety Adviser, NSW
  • John Obilinovic
    Restorations Manager, NSW
  • Karen Leslie
    Business Development Manager, Queensland
  • Michelle Tuite
    National Human Resource Manager, Queensland
  • Peter Demchenko
    Regional Business Manager, Queensland
  • Steve Cranston
    Restorations Division Manager, Queensland
  • Ross Jorgensen
    Pricing Manager, Queensland
  • Bruce Battersby
    Major Works Manager, Queensland
  • Hayley Hadley
    Office Manager, Queensland
  • Corey Kelly
    General Insurance & Restoration Manager, Victoria
  • John Coates
    Major Loss Manager, Victoria