Rebuilding a Huntleys Cove townhouse after a devastating house fire

Rebuilding a Huntleys Cove townhouse after a devastating house fire

A lightning strike is all it took to set one home on fire at Huntley’s Cove, nine kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district.

The family barely escaped the ensuing blaze. This 7 News video shows how the fire destroyed the house.

The Damage

The property, a two-story, four-bedroom home, suffered irreparable damage in the fire. Though the damage had been done in one of Sydney’s most powerful storms in December 2016, the Council approval process was lengthy, and the rebuild didn’t start until December 2017.

The Task

Another company was brought in to undertake the makesafe work. This involved a complete demolition of the building to the ground-floor slab.

Advanced Buildings (NSW) was contracted to rebuild the home at an estimated cost of $860,000. We worked with building consultant Sergon on the project.

The Challenges

  • The construction plans from the original build were of poor quality and lacked detail.
  • There was limited access to site due to a narrow road entry.
  • With little space for site storage (there was no front yard and poor access to the backyard), there was a lot of double handling.
  • Since the original construction, BASIX upgrades were mandatory. This meant additional work was needed to comply with the new sustainability requirements.
  • The owners of the property lived overseas. This meant we had to work with the Insured’s son on construction details and on the selection of materials. This slowed down the building process considerably.
  • Our Site Supervisor worked hard to maintain open lines of communication with Sergon and the Insured’s representative.
  • The selection process was drawn-out because the Insured did not provide clear instructions to either Sergon or the Advanced Buildings (NSW) team.

The Result

The house rebuild was finished in September 2018 – it was a 9-month project.

The home-owners were pleased with the result. They gave our site manager Scott Allen this testimonial:

Scott handled all aspects of the project from dealing with authority approvals to site management. This process required minimal involvement from myself.

Through the building program, Scott has performed professionally, been prompt in resolving/responding to issues, and pro-active in ensuring the program ran smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised at handover when the property was delivered with little to no defects.

Berlin Ng, home-owner

For more information about this project, contact our Sydney office on 1300 878 687.

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