Staff Profile – Danielle Rossen

Staff Profile - Danielle Rossen

Meet Advanced Buildings’ National Compliance Assistant: Danielle Rossen

Danielle Rossen is someone who loves things to be ‘in order and in place’.

As the company’s Compliance Assistant, she has plenty of opportunity to support the Advanced Buildings’ team Australia-wide in their goal to maintain the highest level of work standards.

Danielle started at Advanced Buildings in the operations department. This gave her an excellent insight into how the company operated.

“I learnt about the type of work we do and the different ways we meet customer demands. This perspective has allowed me to understand how my role in compliance impacts other areas of the business.

“My operations background and knowledge also help me understand the day-to-day challenges I may face in my compliance role.”

Supporting compliance for both new staff and old

As part of the compliance team, it’s Danielle’s role to bring new tradespeople on board and ensure they adhere to the company’s standards.

“I also work with our supervisors to reacquaint some of our more experienced tradespeople with current and updated standards.”

Danielle recently completed her Bachelor of Arts with a major in history.

“I’m really proud to have completed my degree at the University of Wollongong. I was fortunate enough to pursue my interests in history. Through the course of my degree, I was able to focus my studies on family history, specifically the period after World War II.

“Despite not being directly linked to my current role in compliance, my time at university taught me many ‘soft skills’ which I use every day. Things like communication, teamwork and problem solving.”

Danielle is proud to be a woman in the building industry

“Outside of work, people are often shocked when I say I work for a building company as it’s such a male-dominated industry. I find it encouraging to see and work with other women at Advanced Buildings. I’m also proud of the company’s involvement with Women in Insurance.”

“The culture at Advanced Buildings is wonderful.”

When asked whether she thought Advanced Buildings does things differently from other companies, Danielle thinks it boils down to having a great work culture.

“Before working at Advanced Buildings, I worked in hospitality. At first, the thought of working in an office was daunting. However, I found the environment at Advanced welcoming and fun. At the same time, I enjoy being surrounded by a great group of committed and driven individuals.”

Danielle has ambitions to pursue more travel, with New York and Vietnam in her sights.

When not at work, Danielle likes to spend time with family and friends. “Whether that be trying out a new restaurant or hiking with my family.”

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