Staff Profile – Gavin Grace

Staff Profile - Gavin Grace

Meet Gavin Grace - Supervisor/ Estimator at Advanced Buildings Northern NSW

Gavin Grace has worn many hats over the years.

  • As a qualified carpenter and joiner, he’s had 18 years of sub-contracting experience.
  • In this time, he managed a factory production line during the building of mining accommodation in Currumbin on the Gold Coast.
  • Having completed Cert IV in residential building studies in 2009, he became managing director of his own building company trading from 2009-2019.
  • He consulted/contracted to three different companies, where he managed the production of modular buildings in factories in southern and northern China.
  • He’s also had roles in production estimating, materials procurement, quality control, BCA compliance, import requirements and logistics

Gavin’s current role involves estimating projects for Advanced Buildings in northern NSW. He also takes on the supervision of jobs when the area supervisor is away or if the volume of jobs, including make safes, requires him to step in.

Having been self-employed his whole working life, his job at Advanced is his first full-time role.

One of Gavin’s biggest challenges is the size of the territory he covers.

“The distances I travel can be vast”, Gavin explains. “My best run to date was 1706 kilometres in three days to inspect three jobs.”

As an Estimator for Advanced Buildings, Gavin is constantly moving from one job to the next. The jobs he finds most intriguing are where properties have been affected by fire.

“Fire loss jobs are often the most interesting. It’s amazing to see how random and indiscriminate fire can be. One house can be untouched, yet other houses close by can be destroyed. Grass in one paddock can be green and in another, every tree standing is blackened and charred.”

Gavin is most proud of his role as a dad to his two sons. “Raising kids is challenging and takes forever - and they still won’t leave home! But at least now I can charge them rent!”, he jokes.

And when he’s not at work? Gavin admits to being a bit of a foodie, loving red wine and enjoying holiday breaks. Fitness is also on his agenda.

“I have a gym set up in the garage and I try to stay relatively fit. Trouble is, I like cooking and enjoy food. And my job isn’t helping my waistline! This could be a safety issue Nicole*. “

  • * Nicole Gallagher is the National Safety Advisor for Advanced Buildings

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