Staff Profile – Jacob Brandis

Staff Profile - Jacob Brandis

Meet Jacob Brandis - Building Supervisor / Estimator, Sunshine Coast Qld

‘Keeping every insured property owner happy’ - That’s Jacob Brandis’ goal when he and his team starts working on a property that’s been damaged by a natural disaster or a man-made mishap.

“A home or business property owner is usually pretty stressed after a major event has damaged their property. They’re often living with damage to their house as their insurance is being processed and before the job gets to me.

“It’s my role to do all I can to make them comfortable once we start the building process. I need to show them that I understand their needs from ‘day one’. I like to involve them in the process and explain how we plan to carry out our repairs.”

A sound knowledge of building and construction

Jacob and his team work out of the Advanced Buildings office on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. At times, he manages around 40 building and restorations jobs in locations from Caloundra to Gladstone.

“Before working at Advanced Buildings, I ran my own business as a builder for 9 years. I’ve worked in the mining industry and in remote areas of the Northern Territory where I worked with traditional owners of the land.

“As well as working closely with property owners, the most important aspects of my role are to schedule and manage each job from start to finish. The end goal is always to do high quality work in a timely manner. “

“Some building sites in Queensland can be a real challenge”

According to Jacob, working on Fraser Island after a huge hail storm, was one of the most interesting and challenging projects he had the opportunity to work on since joining the Advanced Buildings team.

“We had to use four-wheel-drive vehicles to access the damaged buildings on the island. We also used off-road delivery trucks and barges to transport our building supplies to the site. It was all fun and games as we tried to dodge the high tide!”

Jacob is happy to be part of the Advanced Buildings team.

“I’m supported and trusted by my managers and the rest of the company to manage a large territory which involves a significant number of projects running at the same time. It’s a good feeling.”

Sometimes referred to as ‘the big friendly giant’ (he’s a towering 6’6), Jacob is looking forward to doing some more international travel sometime down the track. He’s also keen to do “as much fishing as he can” and to renovate more houses.

“I enjoy wining and dining with my wife at home in Mooloolaba too!”

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