How we use drones in insurance inspections

How we use drones in insurance inspections

How we’re using drones to improve the accuracy of insurance inspections

Drones are starting to become an important method of assessing damaged properties for insurance purposes. The Advanced Buildings team are now regularly using drones to increase the quality of our assessments and maintain safety onsite.

Accessing high-quality images

They’re a cost-effective way of gathering high-quality images immediately after an insurable event. They help us and the loss adjusters we work with, accurately assess the extent of damage, and check the validity and value of a claim.

The drones capture both still photos and full resolution video. Using a GPS (Global Positioning System), we’re able to capture images with high accuracy.   

A focus on safety

Drones are also a safer way of photographing damaged properties, especially when a building has been severely compromised. Anthony Gattellaro operates the use of drones for the NSW Advanced Buildings team.

“They’re especially useful after a severe hailstorm. In the past, we’d have roofers and other contractors assess broken roof tiles by setting-up safety harnesses and carefully moving at great heights to make an assessment. This took time and was a real safety challenge”, said Anthony.

“Now we have a drone do a flyover to determine the quantity of broken tiles or the number of damaged Colourbond roof sheets that have been affected by hail, for example. The 4K resolution of the drone photos means you can see the tiniest detail on every tile.”

How we’ve used drones

The Advanced Buildings team have recently used drones to gather information on the following types of jobs:

  • When assessing storm damage to a large number of homes, the drones help capture ‘whole suburb’ view, as well as a focus on individual homes
  • Where we’re assessing for roof damage at great height, we use the GPS to adjust the camera to focus on damage to hard-to-reach building eaves
  • With large-scale, fire-damaged buildings, the drone has eliminated the risk of workers being exposed to building collapse

In our use of drones, we stick closely to the strict guidelines laid out by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

To find out more about how we can more accurately assess properties using drones, contact Anthony Gattellaro on 1300 87 86 87.


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